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NSWhatsapp 2 Red
APP NameNSWhatsApp 2 Red
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Latest Version2024
Android Required4.0+
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What is NSWhatsAPP 2 Red?

Tired of the same old chatting app? Well, guess what? NSWhatsApp 2 Red is here! It’s the 2nd version of NAWhatsAPP that lets you make your chats super awesome. You can change things and make it all unique. No more boring chats – Download this app for a fresh and exciting experience!

NSWhatsAPP 2 is mostly used in Haiti and Paraguay. The default icon color of the app is Red, although you can change it later if you like other colors. As it is not available on Google Play Store, you can directly download it from any website like this one but make sure the website is safe from any kind of Virus.

Key Features of NS WhatsAPP 2:

Here is a list of all the features of the app.

1. Tick Style Customization:

tick style

Tick style customization is like giving your message ticks a personal touch. You can make them look different from the usual ones in WhatsApp. It’s a way to add your own flair to the way messages are marked as read or delivered. With NSWhatsApp 2 Red, you get to choose how these ticks appear, making your chatting experience more fun and tailored to your liking.

2. Extra Privacy:


Extra privacy means you have more control over who sees your stuff. You can tweak the settings to keep your chats, photos, and videos more secure. It’s like having an extra layer of protection for your messages, making sure only the people you want can access them.

3. Multiple Built-in Locks:

multiple locks

The app has various built-in locks to help keep your chats and app secure. There are different types of locks you can use, like PIN codes, patterns, or even fingerprint locks. These built-in locks act like digital keys, making sure only you or someone you trust can access your messages and information. It’s an extra layer of security to keep your chats and data safe from prying eyes. Choose the lock that suits you best and add that extra level of protection to your chat experience.

4. Hide Status:

hide status

Hiding status is like putting on an invisibility cloak for your updates. When you enable this feature, your status won’t be visible to everyone in your contacts. It’s a way to keep your activities more private. So, whether you want to keep your plans or mood to yourself, NSWhatsApp 2 Red lets you hide your status, giving you more control over what you share with others. It’s like having a secret mode for your updates!

5. Language Translator:

language translator

The Language Translator feature acts like a helpful language buddy. It lets you translate messages into different languages directly within the app. So, if you receive a message in a language you’re not familiar with, this feature comes to the rescue. It’s like having a built-in translator that makes understanding and communicating with friends who speak different languages a breeze.

6. UI Customization:

ui customization

UI customization is like giving your app a personal makeover. It allows you to change the way the app looks and feels according to your taste. You can play with colors, themes, and layouts to create a unique appearance. It’s a bit like decorating your room with your favorite colors and styles, but for your messaging app. With NSWhatsApp2, you’re in control, making your chatting experience not only functional but also visually appealing in a way that reflects your personal style.

7. Anti-Delete Message:

anti-delete message

When someone sends you a message and later decides to delete it, this feature makes sure you can still see what was written. It’s like a digital safety net that prevents messages from disappearing completely. With NSWhatsApp 2, you have the power to retain deleted messages, giving you a chance to catch up on what might have been erased. It’s a handy feature for those who want to keep track of conversations and not miss out on anything important.

8. Hide Date & Time:

hide date and time

With this option, you can choose not to display the exact date and time when a message was sent or received. It’s a bit like keeping the timeline of your conversations a bit more mysterious. By hiding this information, you have more control over what others can see, making your chatting experience more discreet.

9. Hide Forwarded Tag:

hide forwarded tag

The Disable Forward Tag feature is like having a no-trace forwarding option. When you enable this feature, it removes the “Forwarded” label that usually appears when someone sends you a message they’ve forwarded. It’s like sending messages incognito, without leaving a trail that they were forwarded from another chat. NSWhatsApp 2 gives you the freedom to share content without revealing its origin, providing a more discreet and private way of passing along messages.

10. Auto Status Downloader:

auto status downloader

With this feature, the app automatically downloads status updates like photos or videos from your contacts. It’s like having a personal assistant that ensures you don’t miss out on the latest updates. NSWhatsApp 2 Red simplifies the process, making it convenient for you to enjoy and share your friends’ status posts without the need to manually download each one. It’s a handy feature for staying up-to-date with what your friends are sharing on their statuses.

How to Download and Install NSWhatsAPP 2 Red on Android?

  • Click on the above button to download the APK file
  • Save the file
  • Go to mobile setting
  • Allow unknow resources
  • Click on the APK file to install
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Enter your name
  • Now you can use all its features

How to Download and Install NSWhatsAPP2 on iPhone?

  • Install AltStore on your iPhone.
  • Download the NSWhatsApp2 IPA file from a trusted source.
  • Open AltStore, go to “My Apps,” and tap the “+” icon.
  • Choose the NSWhatsApp 2 IPA file to sideload it onto your device.
  • Launch the app, log in, and explore additional features.

How to Download The APP on PC?

As you already know that these kind of apps are typically designed for Android devices only. But in case, you want to use it on PC, you will have to use any Emulator to run this app on PC. Here is a step by step guide

  • Download Android emulator BlueStacks
  • Install it
  • Download the latest version from the above download button
  • Launch the Emulator, Click on Install APK and choose NSWhatsApp 2 Red
  • Install the app by entering your mobile number and your name
  • You will receive OTP
  • Enter the OTP and verify it
  • It will take one minute to start the app
  • Now, you can enjoy all its features without any hesitation

How to Update the NSWhatsAPP 2 Red APK File?

If for some reason, you want to delete the old version and install the updated version, you can. But every time you will have to visit this site to download the latest version because you already know that it is not available on Play Store. Here is a step by step guide

  • First of all, delete the old APK file but remember that before deleting, take a full backup
  • Go to phone setting
  • Allow unknown resources
  • Download the latest version from the above download button
  • Enter your mobile number
  • You will receive OTP on your number which you entered
  • If not received, wait for few minuted
  • Verify the OTP
  • Enter name and upload your picture
  • Now, you will see the main home screen of the app

My Personal Experience

I recently tried NSWhatsApp 2 Red, and it brought a refreshing twist to my messaging routine. The feature that stood out for me was the Tick Style Customization, allowing me to add a personal touch to my message ticks. It made my chats feel more unique and expressive.

However, the Anti-delete Message feature seemed a bit glitchy at times, not consistently retaining all deleted messages. Despite this, my overall experience with NSWhatsApp 2 Red was positive. The UI customization options are fantastic, and the app adds a fun and functional layer to WhatsApp.

I look forward to seeing improvements in the Anti-delete Message feature for an even better experience in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it safe to use, and does it comply with privacy standards?

Yes, it is safe to use but It’s crucial to download the app from a reliable source to ensure the version you install is free from potential risks. Always exercise caution when using modified apps and be mindful of your data security.

Q2. Can I use it alongside the official WhatsApp app on my device?

No, you cannot use both NSWhatsApp 2 Red and the official WhatsApp app simultaneously on the same device. However, you can install it alongside other modified versions if you wish to experience multiple customized features.

Q3. Does this app consume more data than the regular WhatsApp?

NSWhatsApp 2 Red doesn’t significantly differ from the official WhatsApp in terms of data usage. It primarily depends on your individual usage patterns, such as media downloads and calls. Regularly monitoring your data usage in the app settings can help manage and control data consumption.

Q4. Are there any potential risks or downsides to using this APP?

While NSWhatsApp 2 Red offers unique features, it’s essential to acknowledge that using modified apps carries some risks. These may include security vulnerabilities or compatibility issues. Regularly updating the app from a trusted source and staying informed about the latest developments can help mitigate potential risks.

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