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NA WhatsAPP is the most famous Customized version of normal Whatsapp which offers personalized features. User can change the setting as per his needs like changing fonts, wallpapers, and emojis. NAWhatsAPP also allows user to send media files up to 100 contacts at a time. Let’s dig deep into the details of the app.

NAWhatsAPP is mostly used in Sierra Leone, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozambique and many other parts of the world. The app has 8 different versions with different colors and themes which you can use.

What is NA WhatsAPP?

NA WhatsAPP is the modified version of official WhatsAPP created by famous Qatari Developer Nasser Al-Jaidi. It is the parent version of the eight versions of the app. People love to use this app because of the options its provides to its users.

Features of NA WhatsAPP:

Here are the features of the app.

1. Global Communication in 40 Languages:

NAWhatsApp breaks language barriers, allowing global communication in 40 major languages. Now, every language is accessible, making your conversations diverse and inclusive.

2. Stylish Font Options:

Express yourself uniquely with 20 distinct font styles. Stand out in group chats and status stories, leaving a lasting impression on everyone you communicate with.

3. Limitless Image Sharing:

Share up to 100 images in one go, a significant upgrade from the standard 30-image limit in regular WhatsApp. Enjoy seamless sharing without worrying about restricted image counts.

4. Pause and Resume Audio Recording:

NAWhatsApp introduces a revolutionary feature – pause and resume during audio recording. No more pressure to record perfectly in one go; take your time, pause, think, and resume effortlessly.

5. Smart Internet Monitoring:

Monitor your internet usage with precision. NAWhatsApp’s intelligent tool tracks your data consumption, categorizing it by calls, messages, and data transfers. Stay in control of your internet usage.

6. Sleek iPhone-like Interface:

Experience a stunning interface reminiscent of the iPhone. NAWhatsApp’s design captivates with its elegance and simplicity, providing a visually appealing messaging platform.

7. Automatic Quick Updates:

Stay up-to-date effortlessly. NA WhatsApp automatically updates when connected to the internet, eliminating the hassle of searching for new versions online. Enjoy the latest features hassle-free.

8. Extended Status Duration:

Share your moments for up to 30 minutes in your status updates, a significant extension from the standard 30-second limit in regular WhatsApp. Showcase your experiences in more detail.

9. Group Conference Calls:

Initiate group conference calls seamlessly. NAWhatsApp allows you to host conference calls with more than two members, enhancing your group communication experience.

10. Message Yourself Feature:

Organize your data effortlessly. Use NAWhatsApp’s ‘Message Yourself’ tool to save documents, links, or media files, ensuring quick access without digging through your chat history.

11. Enhanced Privacy Controls:

Take control of your online presence. NAWhatsApp allows you to turn off chat blue ticks, giving you the freedom to read messages without revealing your online status. Enjoy enhanced privacy and peace of mind.

NA WhatsApp redefines messaging, offering a feature-rich platform that goes beyond the ordinary. Embrace a new era of communication with these innovative features, making your messaging experience extraordinary and efficient.

Versions of NA WhatsAPP:

Here are the different 8 versions of NAWhatsAPP.

NA1 WhatsAPP:


NA1 WhatsApp is for people who want their messages to be super safe and private. It uses really strong security so that your chats are just between you and your friends. It’s also made to be easy to use, perfect for folks who like things simple and reliable.

NA2 WhatsAPP:


NA2 WhatsApp is all about making work and talking with friends easier. It has cool tools to help you share documents, chat with groups, and get things done together. Whether you’re working on a school project or planning fun stuff with your pals, NA2 WhatsApp is there to make it all smoother.

NA3 WhatsAPP:


If you like making things look just the way you want, NA3 WhatsApp is the one for you. You can change how it looks, pick different themes, and make your chats feel special. NA3 WhatsApp lets you be you and have fun with your messaging style.

NA4 WhatsAPP:


NA4 WhatsApp is awesome if you love sharing pictures, videos, and music. It’s made to handle all kinds of media, so you can send and receive cool stuff without any problems. NA4 WhatsApp is perfect for those who love sharing photos and videos with their friends.

NA5 WhatsAPP:


NA5 WhatsApp keeps things really simple. It’s easy to use and doesn’t have too many buttons or confusing stuff. If you like messaging without a lot of extra things on the screen, NA5 WhatsApp is the one to keep things straightforward.

NA6 WhatsAPP:


NA6 WhatsApp is all about chatting right away. It’s super fast, making sure your messages get to your friends really quickly. If you like getting quick responses and staying connected, NA6 WhatsApp is the version that keeps you chatting in real-time.

NA7 WhatsAPP:


NA7 WhatsApp is designed for those who enjoy social features. It makes connecting with friends more fun with cool social stuff and updates. If you like using your messaging app a bit like a social network, NA7 WhatsApp adds some extra fun to your chats.

NA8 WhatsAPP:


NA8 WhatsApp is like having a smart helper in your messaging. It uses clever technology to suggest words as you type and helps you reply faster. If you enjoy using the latest tech tricks, NA8 WhatsApp is the version that brings smart features to your messages.

How to Download and install NA WhatsAPP on Android?

  • Uninstall the old version
  • Click on the above download button to install the latest version 2023
  • Save the APK file
  • Go to phone setting and allow unknown sources
  • Click on the APK file to start installation process
  • Enter your mobile number
  • You will receive OTP
  • Enter the OTP and your name and you are good to go
  • The installation process has been completed, now you can use the app

How to Update the APP?

If you are using the old version, its easy to download and install the updated version. Just uninstall the old version and click on the above download button. Now install this version as you did the previous.

My Personal Experience

Having recently explored NA WhatsApp, I’ve found the app to be a game-changer in the realm of messaging applications. The cool user interface immediately caught my attention, allowing me to customize my chat space with diverse fonts, colors, and themes, making my conversations uniquely vibrant.

Overall, my experience with NA WhatsApp has been marked by enhanced personalization, privacy features, and a diverse set of functionalities that set it apart from other messaging apps.


NA WhatsApp is a great messaging app with cool features. It lets you personalize your chats, keep your messages safe, and share things easily. With its easy-to-use design, it’s perfect for anyone who wants a fun and secure way to chat with friends.

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